More than just classes...

- One-On One Coaching - Individual work focused you, with private feedback and personalized instruction. A list of ideas for personal coaching is available on our Classes page. $65 for one hour

- Audition Preparation - Auditions can be nerve-wracking, even more so when it's a really promising job. Come in, we can watch your audition live or a recording you bring (even on a phone is fine) and we can give you the feedback to help you polish up your work and shine. $30 half an hour

- Self-Tape - Tired of tearing apart a corner of the living room trying to get the right lighting and background for a self tape? Come on in and we'll set the lights, record it for you, do a  rough edit and send it out to the casting director with a copy sent to you as well. $30 Up to 30 minutes 

- Audition Preparation and Self-Tape.Combine them both and we will coach and work with you, while also recording in a seamless process with a coach by your side. as you audition.  $55 45 minutes

-Voice-Over Audition - guarantee you sound like a pro auditioning from our professional studio. A technician will adjust you levels, rough edit and submit to the Casting Director. If you would like, a coach can help you prepare. Recording is $30 In 30 minute increments based on availability.  $45 with coaching preparation.

- Career Guidance -  Beginning a career as a performer can be rewarding and exciting  - but sometimes it may get frustrating or overwhelming. Keep an eye out for our seminars and free workshops. If we don't have the answers, I'll find them for you